Invenco-i2 is a monthly payment solution developed by global outdoor payment provider, Invenco Group Ltd. Since 2005, Invenco has been a leader in EMV pay-at-the-pump technology.  Having entered the US market in 2015 it has rapidly established itself in the outdoor EMV-payment space, rolling out tens of thousands of payment terminals through its partners. Invenco’s US headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, from where it runs a full service and support center.

Uniquely, Invenco has developed a complete end-to-end self-service payment solution including PCI DSS certified hardware, software and cloud services.  Because it builds everything from the ground up Invenco has been able to engineer considerable cost savings to pass on to its end-customers.

Even more cost savings

Invenco technology is also built on an open platform enabling Invenco to currently connect with eight Point of Sale systems globally, speaking seven different protocols. Specifically designed to retrofit, it can be installed on all of the major pump dispenser models manufactured globally with quick and easy installation.  Again, creating considerable savings on your EMV compliance.


Why haven't I heard of Invenco before?

Invenco generally sells through its partner network; which means its technology is marketed under different brand names.  While millions of people every day use its technology, very few know that it is powered by Invenco.  Invenco-i2 is the first self-branded solution Invenco is releasing directly into the US market.


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