Invenco-i2 rollout across the US


The Invenco-i2 rollout is getting underway.  Implementations will be scheduled on a regional rollout basis, based upon pre-qualified registrations.  Having completed the registration process, you will be advised if you've successfully qualified for Invenco-i2 and be sent an estimate for consideration.

Once your region is activated for installation you will be resent the estimate as a formal quote for sign-off, along with a contract and payment set-up instructions.  As soon as the quote is accepted you will be sent the Invenco-i2 app to schedule your install at a time and date that works for you.

The registration process

To prepare a quote for installation and confirm your monthly fee, we need to understand the following information:

  • Your site(s) location – note this solution is limited to US small-to-medium operators including single-site operators 
  • The number and brand of pumps on your site(s) (we ask you to upload photos of the pumps)
  • The Point of Sale software you are running
  • The payment network you are connected to
  • Loyalty schemes you participate in
  • Any other integrations that may be required
  • Your permission to perform a background credit check

Get started

To start this process you need to complete the registration form on this website.  We will then send you detailed instructions and access to your registration form to complete the pre-qualification process.

We will email you immediately to confirm we’ve received your submission.  The Invenco-i2 audit team will then review the information you have provided and if you are eligible for Invenco-i2, send you an estimate for consideration.  If you aren’t currently eligible we will email you with the reason why and how you might be able to remedy this.

The first step is to complete the initial registration form.

Register now

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to provide to set up Invenco-i2?

You will need to have a working Internet connection and POS that integrates with Invenco technology.

If you already have payment terminals in your pumps we will remove them as part of the installation service - disposal of the old terminals is not included in the Invenco-i2 solution. 

If there are no existing payment terminals we will include any additional requirements in the installation fee but these should be minimal - if any.

Can’t I wait until October 2020?

It will be risky to wait for two main reasons:

  1. As the larger players around you start to upgrade, fraudsters have fewer options. Your store starts looking like a bigger and better target the longer you delay.  Likewise, your customers will start looking for chip enabled payment terminals to ensure they are secure and become more likely to drive past if you don’t support EMV.
  2. There are only so many field technicias to go around. The closer we get to October 2020 the greater the demand and we won’t be able to guarantee you a place. Better to shift early and remain secure, than delay and run the risk of it being several months until you can secure a space.


Are the Invenco-i2 installers certified?

Yes.  Our install team is certified to be on a forecourt and have gone through an Invenco-i2 training program to become authorized installers.  We have a Quality and Assurance audit process in place and the Invenco-i2 app is used to rate our installers based on the service they provide. 

You will be able to identify our team by the active “Invenco-i2 certified installer” screen  every service tech is required to show a retailer before any service call or implementation.

Any concerns about an Invenco-i2 service provider can also be immediately reported using your customer app. 

Why wouldn’t I be eligible for Invenco-i2?
  1. There will be a small number of sites that have very old or unusual pumps that we won’t be able to support with our retrofit kits. You could still participate but there would be an additional charge for a customized retrofit kit.
  2. The systems you are running are not currently supported by Invenco-i2 (this may cause a delay as opposed to being completely turned-down).
  3. You fail the credit check. While this is a ‘no for now’ you may qualify to reapply after a specified period.
Do I get to own the hardware?

In this instance it is to your advantage not to own the hardware. With the Invenco-i2 monthly payment model you are not responsible for any warranty, service or maintenance charges – which you would have if you took ownership.

After four years a payment terminal upgrade is available.  It means you are always going to be compliant and never have to worry about tracking upgrades or certification again. 


How will my customers know how to use Invenco-i2?

Each payment terminal comes with basic, built-in workflows that guide your customers through the payment and filling process. The terminals also have high-resolution screens and back-lit keys to enable operation in low-visibility areas.

These workflows have been tested on thousands of terminals and millions of customers around the world, to ensure ease of operation and greater customer engagement. It also delivers exactly the same payment experience across your forecourt regardless of pump brand.