What you get with Invenco-i2

The all-in-one EMV solution you pay for monthly

From just $110 per month, per pump, Invenco-i2 brings together the hardware, software, network and services small to medium US retailers need to be EMV compliant – today and for the future. The base monthly payment package includes:

  • Two G6 OPTs (Outdoor Payment Terminals) per pump with printer, barcode scanner and hi-res touchscreen
  • Ethernet network via Invenco Link
  • Service and maintenance
  • Compliance upgrades via the cloud including Remote Key Injection (RKI)
  • Warranty with terminal upgrade after four years
  • App to manage service engagement

The installation fee is quoted separately and varies according to pump numbers, type and site setup. The only thing not included is an internet connection which you will need to have in place prior to install.

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G6-300 - angled_sml

G6 300 OPT
(Outdoor Payment Terminal)

This EMV and PCI certified, all-in-one payment knows how to engage with your customers. 

It includes:

  • Contactless payment
  • Barcode scanner
  • Thermal printer
  • High resolution touchscreen
  • Backlit keypad for low-light operation
  • Cloud connected as standard (no extra cost)
  • Rugged casing; operates between -25C and +70C
  • Anti-skimmer technology with tamper alarm
  • Fully encrypted from day one for your protection


The Invenco Link dispenser unit converts your existing wiring to an Ethernet network.  

Paired with the in-store unit Invenco Link creates the high-speed network you need to run an EMV compliant payment solution.

The best thing about it, is it runs over your existing wiring so you don't need to dig up your forecourt or replace any wiring.  It dramatically saves on install costs and saves you downtime.  

See more in the install section below. 

Invenco Link 401 -White Logo Left ISO Shadow

Invenco Link L1-100 (dispenser)

Retrofit kits 

Invenco technology is designed to be retrofit.  It seamlessly fits into all major pump brands using a range of standard retrofit kits which come as part of your Invenco-i2 solution. Retrofit kits can be paid for up-front as part of the install or included in the monthly-payment model for an additional fee. 

Maintenance, service and warranty 

Invenco-i2 has you covered.   As part of your monthly fee we include a full warranty for your G6 OPT and a replacement service should your OPT stop working.  This gets you back to being fully operational as quickly as possible with minimal hassle or down time.

We are also able to remotely manage and upgrade your units via Invenco Cloud Services’ secure cloud, to ensure the software you’re running is  compliant.  This service level is maintained so you never need to worry about being out of warranty or managing service contracts.


The standards and regulations governing Outdoor Payment Terminals are constantly changing.  In addition to ongoing EMV requirements, units need to be PCI certified to a supported standard.  In order to manage this seamlessly Invenco-i2 terminals are available for upgrade after four years.* In addition, Invenco-i2 plans to continually expand its product offering giving you even more options in order to keep up with much larger players in the market.

*Note: Upgrades are available from the conclusion of year four - a minimal install fee may be required for larger and more complex sites.

Invenco-i2_customer app_mobile

The Invenco-i2 App

For Invenco-i2 to operate with Uber-like efficiency we use an app so customers can connect directly with us and our service community. 

It manages the install process, keeps you updated on any upgrades or planned maintenance and arranges for a replacement unit should you need one.  Downloads are included for you and your staff. 

You will be sent a link to download the app once you've been on-boarded to Invenco-i2.

Monthly payments

As soon as you have paid your first monthly instalment your Invenco-i2 solution can go live.  For as long as your account is paid you will receive the full extent of the Invenco-i2 solution according to your contract including all services, updates and upgrades.  Naturally, terms and conditions do apply and are clearly defined in your contract. 


The installation of Invenco-i2 is paid separately to the monthly fee.  This is because every site has different requirements from both a technical and logistics perspective.  Our aim is always to keep this cost as low as possible and minimize disruption to your business as much as we can.  You will receive an estimate for both the install and your monthly payments, when you complete the registration process

Implementation is in two steps:

1:  A qualified technician will install the Invenco Link box in your store and pump dispensers to establish the Ethernet connection to the pumps, required for EMV transactions.  This can be conducted around your every day business as it doesn’t require any digging up of your forecourt or holes in your store walls. All you require is an internet connection. 

2: A certified Invenco-i2 Service person will install the payment terminals in your pumps and get them operational.  This is a relatively quick process as all terminals are connected to Invenco Cloud Services for remote activation.  

The implementation program is co-ordinated using your Invenco-i2 app.  It will guide you through the scheduling and delivery process.  At the end of the implementation you get to rate the service provider and your Invenco-i2 experience.  This keeps our service team on its toes and ensures you get the best implementation experience possible.


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