Become an Invenco-i2 certified service provider

We need an army to rollout Invenco-i2 across the US. Because we’ve aimed to make what is complex and expensive for others, as simple and cost-effective as it can be – it means a much wider range of technical support crew can be trained to install our hardware.

If you haven’t already, watch our video that describes how Invenco-i2 will work:


Qualified forecourt technicians 

If you’re a qualified forecourt technician you will have no problem learning to install our Outdoor Payment Terminals.  Equally, you should also be able to install our Invenco Link box to form an Ethernet network. This could provide an additional workstream or become a whole new business for you.

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Service Associate

A team of Service Associates are going to be needed in every market. Their primary role will be to  replace defective OPTs with new ones.  This is a relatively quick and easy process. Service Associates will be recruited and trained at the start of every market roll-out. 


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Training and certification

Once you’ve been confirmed as a candidate you (and your team) will be put through a training program.  Most training will be delivered online with a one-day workshop and practical test to be certified as an Invenco-i2 service provider.

Once certified you will be issued with an official Invenco-i2 service vest plus have the ability to download the Invenco-i2 service app.

The Invenco-i2 App

Each qualified service provider will be issued with the app. This will: 

  • Identify you as a qualified Invenco-i2 service provider
  • Connect you to pre-qualified customers
  • Enable you to schedule jobs based on your availability
  • Share customer ratings; the higher your rating, the more job opportunities you’re exposed to
  • Let you rate customers; so they are likely to be more co-operative
  • Log your hours
  • Order parts
  • Connect you to Invenco-i2 support
Invenco-i2_service app